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Marketing and advertising success require a carefully-considered strategy that factors in all the variables involved in capturing your audience. Always, our goal is to effectively differentiate your product or service, communicate its superior value, and persuade target audiences that your product or service is what they need and want.

The AXIOM team has decades of experience creating successful strategies for clients. We’ll create a detailed plan that spells out in detail what we recommend, why we recommend it, and what you can expect in terms of frequency and reach of your message.


  • International, National, Regional, Local
  • Consumer (BTC)
  • Corporate (BTB)
  • Attitude, Awareness, Usage (AAU)
  • Public Opinion Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Market Feasibility Evaluation
  • Media Research
  • 3rd Party Data such as Nielsen/Arbitron, SRDS, Cision, Strata

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Development, Communications, Maintenance
  • Product Introduction
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Event Planning, Production & Management


  • Strategic Planning
  • Coordination
  • Implementation

Public Relations

  • News Releases
  • Distribution
  • Local
  • Regional
  • National
  • International
  • Event Planning, Implementation, Management


Our media planner and buyer are experts in determining the optimal demographics and regional placement for your marketing goals. They are especially skilled at finding the best possible value for your media investment, often coming up with extras – such as bonus placements, free promotional articles and expanded TV coverage – that add real value to your investment.

The media team sits in on brainstorming sessions to give input and gain an understanding of the unique characteristics your products and services offer. Count on them to develop a maximum-impact, cost-effective media plan.


  • 3rd Party Data such as Nielsen/Arbitron, SRDS, Cision, Strata
  • Provides unbiased, objective, factual data for evaluation
  • Leads to objective, knowledgeable decisions for strategic planning


  • Budget allocation and recommendations
  • Media strategy and accompanying rationale
  • Enables client to focus their time and attention on other needs


  • Avail requests and rate negotiation with individual media vendors
  • Development of CPP & CPM and Reach & Frequency goals and estimates
  • Provides increased media efficiency and maximized budgets


  • Placement & monitoring of orders and incorporation of added value
  • Ensures final purchases meet goals and confirms what was ordered runs correctly
  • Provides greatest cost efficiency, saving client money

Post-Buy Evaluation

  • Invoice audits & reconciliation, tear-sheet and traffic review, post-buy reports and under delivery
  • Invoices are itemized to check that the correct ads run as ordered and schedules deliver
  • Holds media vendors accountable for contracts and orders, so that the client is confident of the media delivery

Media Outlets

  • Broadcast & Cable
  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • Outdoor
  • Trade Publications
  • Internet Advertising
  • Consumer Publications
  • Social Media Campaigns


AXIOM’s top-flight creatives can produce just the concept you need to promote your product or service in a way that fits your style and meets expectations. Then they’ll develop the words, images, graphics, video footage… and whatever else is needed to draw in your audience.

From radio & TV to print, outdoor, public relations and web advertising, our team gives it their all in order to generate the desired action. We also design, write and program websites that bring products and services to the forefront, always ensuring accuracy and functionality so that your organization is portrayed in the most professional, user-friendly light.

Interactive Technology

  • DVDs
  • Website Design & Programming
  • Internet Advertising
  • Hybrid Targeting
  • Email Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Management (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Social Media Management

Sales/Marketing Communication

  • Logos
  • Publication Ads
  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Annual Reports
  • Brochures
  • Folders
  • Newsletters
  • Sales Materials
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Point of Purchase (POP)
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Fleet Graphics
  • Product Exhibits
  • Environmental Design & Production
  • Product Packaging

Digital Photography

  • Complete Digital Photographic Studio On-Site
  • Product Shots
  • Personnel Shots
  • On-Location Digital Photography
  • Photographic Set Design
  • Aerial Photography

Electronic Production

  • Complete HD Edit Suite On-Site
  • On Location HD Audio/Video Production
  • HD Corporate Videos
  • Radio Commercials
  • HD Television Commercials
  • Multi-Media Presentations
  • Aerial Videography

The AXIOM Identity

Listen. Lead. Create. Succeed.


We’re a full-service, award-winning, marketing/advertising/interactive company located in Evansville, Indiana. Since 1998, we’ve made our clients’ success our top priority, and we help them achieve that success by listening to their needs, leading when needed, creating innovative solutions, and implementing them as cost-effectively as possible.

That’s our success story.

Why Choose AXIOM?

We offer a unique fusion of leadership, carefully considered strategic planning, award-winning creativity, and a relentless focus on your success, defined in your terms.

With AXIOM, you’ll benefit from our many years of experience in defining the steps necessary to help you reach your goals, our ability to categorize audiences and know what motivates them to purchase your products or to use your services, and the most effective, and cost-effective, ways to reach those audiences.

Our History

A full-service marketing, advertising, and interactive company located at 215 NW Martin dLuther King Blvd. in downtown Evansville, Indiana, AXIOM has been under the ownership and direction of Randy and Nina Lientz since February, 1998.

We have an established track record of successfully meeting the needs of a very broad range of clients: financial services, retail sales and services, wholesale, heavy and light industry, healthcare facilities, manufacturing, and many more. We’re experts at adapting our proven processes to match the needs of our clients. The proof of that lies not in the many awards we’ve won on our client’s behalf (we’ll be happy to show you the incredibly long list, if you like), but rather in the trust that our clients place in us.

Our 8,400 sq. ft. facility is located just two blocks from the Ford Center and offers a spacious lobby/reception area, three conference rooms, and individual offices for each Associate. In addition, we have our own digital photographic studio, a high definition audio/video studio, and numerous other areas for collaborative work.

Our “under one roof” approach ensures the highest quality of the work while allowing us to keep a close eye on costs. Of course, we’ve also established strong relationships with excellent vendors for some aspects of production work: printing, signage, tradeshow displays, meeting management, mass duplication, and so on.

While we are proud of our home, we are mindful that it is simply brick and mortar, steel and glass. Having experienced a devastating fire in 1996 at a previous office, we know that our building is just that—a structure.

What matters to us—and to our clients—is the WORK that our Associates create to ensure our clients’ success.

The AXIOM Mission Statement

We will create value for our clients by providing strategic marketing and advertising products and services.

We will be honest in all our dealings.

We will generate a reasonable profit.

We will work as a team.

We will remember that our company’s posture is showing in everything we do.

We will be known for our wisdom, our excellence, and our integrity.


Meet the AXIOM Team

A full-service marketing, advertising, and interactive agency requires a broad array of talents. We’ve assembled an award-winning team of some of the best strategic thinkers, graphic designers, copywriters, interactive specialists, media planners and buyers.

Here are the people who will work toward your success when you choose AXIOM.

Randy Lientz

Randy Lientz


Founder, guiding light, incredible marketing strategist, plays a mean bass, and rides a restored Triumph.

Nina Lientz

Nina Lientz


…and client relations specialist. You can’t help but love her. And you’ll love working with her, too.

Tricia Covey

Tricia Covey


When not managing accounting responsibilities at AXIOM, the Evansville native cherishes transforming moments with family and friends into treasured memories.

Kelly Dhom

Kelly Dhom

Creative Vice President

Positive and experienced creative leader. Innovative, fun, strategic thinker. Enjoys devoting time to her family and church community.

Jason Snader

Jason Snader

Art Director

An artist at heart, a passionate, non-traditional designer. Enjoys camping, hip hop, movies, and gaming.

Cathy Bryant

Cathy Bryant

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Creative and technical: She excels in strategy, design and programming. Enjoys travel, spending time outdoors and rock climbing.

Andrew Gabert

Andrew Gabert

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Prides himself on creativity, speed and efficiency. Enjoys playing with his young daughters and the occasional night out. Big NFL & MMA fan.

Derick Hooley

Derick Hooley

Graphic Designer

He designs to satisfy the needs of our clients and their clients. His goal is creating designs that are successful in terms of function, usability, and understandability, while providing a positive experience.

Noah Lutz

Noah Lutz

Web Developer

Websites & graphic design keep Noah running. He excels at it. In the history of USI, the Cross Country All-American is the college’s 7th fastest Track 10k Runner, and 6th fastest Cross Country 10k Runner.

Jeremy Caine

Jeremy Caine


Creatively flexible and inventive. Really family oriented. Singer / songwriter / guitarist who’s played in various bands for 20+ years.

Nancy Kirkpatrick

Nancy Kirkpatrick

Senior Writer

Innately empathetic and curious by nature—two distinctive traits that enable Nancy to vicariously and respectfully step into the various shoes of our clients’ target audiences.

Jessica Yocum

Jessica Yocum

Media Director

Great at negotiating clients’ media buys and “other assigned duties.” Wanna be pro athlete, mom to rescue dog Whitey, and Total Cardinals Fan.

Tyler Burke

Tyler Burke

Media Specialist

Responsive and results-driven, Tyler applies his marketing savvy to media planning and buying. Outside of AXIOM, the music and sports enthusiast avidly supports Special Olympics.

Bridget McDonald

Bridget McDonald

Client Services Manager

Efficient, communicative, organized. Bridget has what it takes to get the projects started—and see them through completion. She also navigates on the water, boating with husband, Shane, and daughter, Sadie.

Andrea Maynard

Andrea Maynard

Office Manager

Graciously efficient. Upbeat, positive, and welcoming. Floral and home designer, too. Multi-tasking level: Expert.

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