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Marketing and advertising success require a carefully-considered strategy that factors in all the variables involved in capturing your audience. Always, our goal is to effectively differentiate your product or service, communicate its superior value, and persuade target audiences that your product or service is what they need and want.

The AXIOM team has decades of experience creating successful strategies for clients. We’ll create a detailed plan that spells out in detail what we recommend, why we recommend it, and what you can expect in terms of frequency and reach of your message.

International, National, Regional, Local
Consumer (BTC)
Corporate (BTB)
Attitude, Awareness, Usage (AAU)
Public Opinion Surveys
Focus Groups
Market Feasibility Evaluation
Media Research
3rd Party Data such as Nielsen/Arbitron, SRDS, Cision, Strata

Brand Development, Communications, Maintenance
Product Introduction
Keynote Presentations
Event Planning, Production & Management

Strategic Planning

News Releases
Event Planning, Implementation, Management


Our media planner and buyer are experts in determining the optimal demographics and regional placement for your marketing goals. They are especially skilled at finding the best possible value for your media investment, often coming up with extras – such as bonus placements, free promotional articles and expanded TV coverage – that add real value to your investment.

The media team sits in on brainstorming sessions to give input and gain an understanding of the unique characteristics your products and services offer. Count on them to develop a maximum-impact, cost-effective media plan.

3rd Party Data such as Nielsen/Arbitron, SRDS, Cision, Strata
Provides unbiased, objective, factual data for evaluation
Leads to objective, knowledgeable decisions for strategic planning

Budget allocation and recommendations
Media strategy and accompanying rationale
Enables client to focus their time and attention on other needs

Avail requests and rate negotiation with individual media vendors
Development of CPP & CPM and Reach & Frequency goals and estimates
Provides increased media efficiency and maximized budgets

Placement & monitoring of orders and incorporation of added value
Ensures final purchases meet goals and confirms what was ordered runs correctly
Provides greatest cost efficiency, saving client money

Invoice audits & reconciliation, tear-sheet and traffic review, post-buy reports and under delivery
Invoices are itemized to check that the correct ads run as ordered and schedules deliver
Holds media vendors accountable for contracts and orders, so that the client is confident of the media delivery

Broadcast & Cable
Trade Publications
Internet Advertising
Consumer Publications
Social Media Campaigns


AXIOM’s top-flight creatives can produce just the concept you need to promote your product or service in a way that fits your style and meets expectations. Then they’ll develop the words, images, graphics, video footage… and whatever else is needed to draw in your audience.

From radio & TV to print, outdoor, public relations and web advertising, our team gives it their all in order to generate the desired action. We also design, write and program websites that bring products and services to the forefront, always ensuring accuracy and functionality so that your organization is portrayed in the most professional, user-friendly light.

Website Design & Programming
Internet Advertising
Hybrid Targeting
Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Management (Pay-Per-Click)
Social Media Management

Publication Ads
Outdoor Billboards
Annual Reports
Sales Materials
Direct Mail Campaigns
Point of Purchase (POP)
Trade Show Displays
Fleet Graphics
Product Exhibits
Environmental Design & Production
Product Packaging

Complete Digital Photographic Studio On-Site
Product Shots
Personnel Shots
On-Location Digital Photography
Photographic Set Design
Aerial Photography

Complete HD Edit Suite On-Site
On Location HD Audio/Video Production
HD Corporate Videos
Radio Commercials
HD Television Commercials
Multi-Media Presentations
Aerial Videography